The inspiration behind the Hazel Love blanket comes from my sweet niece, Hazel. She was born with Down syndrome. While in the beginning, her diagnosis seemed scary, Hazel has slowly opened my eyes to a whole new way to love. This girl will give you her whole heart and soul just by flashing her vibrant smile at you. She has this uncanny ability to love in the most pure, UNBIASED and wholesome way. Her love sprinkles colour and sparkle on to anyone in her path. If I could bottle up that smile and spread it around the world, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second – Which got me to thinking. I CAN!!!!

Thus the "Hazel Love" blanket was born. I wanted to give you the opportunity to actually feel Hazel's love. Every time you bundle your loved one up in the Hazel Love blanket, I hope they feel the warmth, colour and purity that is Hazel, seep into their hearts.

One Love.

I also created the Hazel Love blanket to represent the inclusion and acceptance of all human beings through unconditional love. I want it to spark a conversation about Down syndrome in your homes. I want it to bring people together in knowledge and ultimately support for individuals with Down syndrome.

My biggest hope for this blanket is that it becomes a symbol of not only universal, unconditional love but a symbol of community and togetherness. That is why I have decided to donate $20 of each purchase of the Hazel Love blanket to